Wednesday, 26 September 2012

When I.....

  1. Sort out a new internet package
  2. Finally get our old house on the market
  3. Stop doing 400 mile round trips ooop north
  4. finish unpacking boxes
  5. put up curtains
  6. buy a new bed
  7. buy a sofa
  8. buy a table
  9. changed my name officially
  10. Informed insurance companies etc of name and location change
  11. register with a new GP - Oh the horro of that thought
  12. discovered where I packed my winter woolies
Then I can fall over and actually enjoy the start to married life just before the winter hibernation begins and the usual 3 - 4 months of Fibro/M.E & S.A.D  hell begins..Joy

Still our rented house looks more like a home, LM is not so much happy in his new job he is postively joyous and bounces about like a 2 year old on a diet of skittles and coca cola

so when im all done I can finally think abut settling in, updating my corner of blogsville more and srat a new project ive been brewing for months..

Ps the wedding was amazing..and i had 2 whole days of endorphin induced energy..was like pre-illness and rather than wish for those days again i simply enjoyed every dam moment of having them