About me

This feels a bit like writing the blurb on the inside of a book - the bit no one really reads. 

Im not really sure how to define myself other than as a female human being with a weakness for chcolate buttons, LM (lovely man - my brilliant parter and love of my life), saucy underwear, handbags and taking a slighlty irreverant view of the world.

I always knew i enjoyed words but my dyslexia and lack of confidence held me back - the fear i wasn tgood enough - so if turning 40 and  having FMS and M.E has taught one tihs is do it for the sheer enjoyment of having a go.

writing is becomming a passion, my phyical boudaries are smal and my limitations are large but my need to discuss and talk about thinkgs that are important to me, to reach our and interact with the world drives me.

 Opps this is about me and im already meandering into a blog sorry :)

I love chatting, and getting involved - social media allows me to without my lap top I think i would struggle to cope.

so there you go you know all about me now dont you?

No you say...Oh well have guess you will have to read my blog then :)