Sunday 20 January 2013

The Thrifty Kitchen in born

The Thrifty Kitchen is born..

I have been meaning to create a spoonie food blog for ages, I have so many recipes and ideas yet im lax..heck i not good at updating this one..but decided 2013 would be the year i did more of what i love..

talking, writing and passing on my passion for food and baking is one of them so rather than clutter up this blog, i thought it best to have a dedicated space to talk about living on a budget in a thrifty kind of way..

so please do check out The Thrifty Kitchen - blog called Thrifty Cook

If any of you lovely readers live within half hour of my home in Bedfordshire and don't feel confident in the kitchen or want some ideas, tips or a lesson then i would be happy (spoons) willing to pass on some of my food knowledge - i believe in the simple principle of pass it on, the more people who are confident in the kitchen, can live on a small budget and eat good home cooked food the better we will all be for it...

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