Tuesday 11 February 2014

Dont sweat the small stuff #Stress

waking up ferling like you have the worse "flu" ever,  your body aches everywhere and you feel drained of energy. Add in a whole host of neurological symptoms from numb fingers to blurred eye sight, you can imagine just how horrid it feels when you have in spoonie terms hit the wall.

That was me yesterday, my bodies reaction to stress. what could be so stressful in my life that bought this on?

A barny with my husband, one of those stupid nothing rows that blow over nothing and just as quickly are done with.  Except in my case its not done, my body doesnt handle stess well it triggers a "flight or fight" hormone response that in most people only occurs in really scary situations.

We've had a few weeks of stuff bubbling away that I thought I was coping with..I guess not

There is only one way to get back on my feet - Rest and plenty of it,  im in my jammies, snuggled up doing nothing.

if your newly diagnosed you might ask How Can I reduce the impact of stress?

I could say try and avoid stress..but seriously thats like saying never leave your bed again ever!!

i had to get real and honest with myself and look at what I find stressful and what I didnt,  I made a list.

what can I avoid and what I cant,  for instance I cannot manage or cope with telephone key pad options press 1 and all that.

But I can easily navigate my way around insursnce websites that drives my husband up the wall. you get the picture,  Its personal but important.

Many people swear by meditation for relaxing but personally its not for me, alough I will sometimes use a CD of thunder storms when I cant sleep.

what ever works for you try it, but if you are anxious and get wound up easily then im sorry your fibro is likely to be bad.

As they say dont sweat the small stuff,  LM and I rarely row or bicker we work hard to live in harmony because the effects on me are horrible. 

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