Sunday 18 September 2011

first post...

Welcome to my world, well the bit I plan to share with you. I live with a debilitating thing called Fibromyalgia - a chromic condition with no cure.

Before I got sick I floated around in the muddy puddle of voluntary sector policy making – Yeah I was a community engagement type trying to make the world a better place for people with no voice.

Using all that knowledge in my head, my own opinion and an evidence based appraoch (Get me remembering the jargon), I will surf the waves of the interweb to find out and get beneath current policy, to suggest ways it could work. I want to highlight the bits politicians dont want us to talk about.

Ps - my spelling is an art form - I often cant remember words, spell a mystery prize will be given for the person who can find a well structured sentance spelled correctly with gramma and everything :)


  1. welcome to the blogosphere!
    i have a m.e/fibro blog as well as my 'i am a real person' blog, sometimes they overlap but i use my fibro blog to have a real good moan now and then!
    (on fibromites united i am lee-solstice dreamer-williams!)

  2. Thank you lovely lady - I will see how i go with one but may end up with two depending on my energy.


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