Monday 19 September 2011

Roll a 6 to start

I feel a bit like the new girl in the office, I am not really sure where anything is, what the politics are like or who has the best chocolate stash. Never mind where the loo is and who to avoid or make friends with.  Ive never really blogged before or followed one, tweeting is a whole new world and i have a sudden fascination for statistics - well my blog ones anyway. I think i need to get out more.

I found a website that told me how to optimise myself so people follow me, why do i have a sudden urge to sing sing lord of the dance said he, dance dance where ever you may be, I am the lord of the dance said he and I'll lead you all where ever you may be..and so on you get the gist.

I will get to point soon, or maybe this is the point I'm not sure. I'm usually a jump right in kind of woman, pick it all up as I go along. Its just where to start?

At the beginning you say..OK then all you have to do is roll a 6 - its a just a simple game

 the aim of the game is to achieve the holy grail of living with a disability/illness can you guess what that is? a bag of chocolate buttons for the winner

Whoop I rolled a Six - move 5 spaces GP's office - take card from the pile in front of you

The Game
Your Doctor hasn’t really got a clue so go back three spaces and wait for a referral to someone else

The GP is the gate keeper really to having good quality care and access to help or not. It isn't impossible to get help just way more difficult. Some GP's don't believe Fibromyalgia even exists. My new GP does, he is young and not really sure but at least willing to try. I went in with a list of what i needed and left with none of that other than a referral to a clinic.

The wait for he clinic i suspect will be months not weeks and to get the magic golden ticket

The Game
Your occupational therapy  assessment  from Social Services will be delayed due to high demand roll a 3 to continue

 Dam I rolled a 2

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