Sunday 18 September 2011

Why me? Why not?

I was diagnosed two years ago, im sure you can search the word Fibromyalgia. I wont bore you with every nuance of my condition - I will proabably link you to useful websites and info. but today is all about me dahlings

Sometimes I do get angry, frustrated, upset and generally fecked off with it, Im human and fairly certain my sainthood application got thrown out due to the odd incedent of decadent behavior, chocolate and gin *cough* anyway moving swiftly on...

Why a blog?
I want to make a difference, i could lie in the road with placard but getting down there, never mind back up again would take so long people would be bored or think im doing some kind of wierd permornace for a placard - well we wont go there.

what can I do? I can talk (ok write for pendants everywhere) about how naivigating the system can make even the most savy cry and whimper as they rock backwards and forwards in dispair - I kid you not.

I will detail my dealings with such joys as the national health service, Department for Work and Pensions, Occupational therapists in Social Services, as I try to retain as much independance as I can.

Dry you may think, i hope not you see I do believe that for the grace go I, I took it all for granted and now If i could I would go back and pick more daisies, climb that big hill or dance til dawn.

This is not a woe is me blog, its a way for me to keep my voice and to somehow get to the holy grail of feeling a useful and worthwhile woman again. In essence accept that which I cannot change and make a bloody difference about the stuff I can

Im really writing this for me..It will be a write it as it is, sometimes tough, I hope informative and sometimes totally absurd - I may even investigate how to still have sex when your hip goes - see Sex sells.

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  1. Hi darlin, I think you may mean pedant.
    The thought of pendants reading is a lovely one, though :)


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